“Swinglift® side loader,
under continuous development…”

“Swinglift® has a long history of continuous improvement dating back to the 1960s, resulting in the market leading and innovative side loader range available from Swinglift® today”

A decade has passed since the Swinglift product joined the Patchell catalogue of specialised equipment including log transport trailers, food grade stainless steel tankers, drop decks and skeletal trailers but the long and successful Swinglift story goes back a lot further than that.

In 2005 Patchell Industries Ltd obtained the Intellectual Property for the manufacture of Swinglift® container side loaders from the original designer, and manufacture of the Swinglift® products moved to Rotorua, New Zealand.

Patchell Industries were able to apply production methods well proven on their log transport and container transport trailer products and today they build a wide range of Swinglift® products in their Rotorua, New Zealand factories.

Swinglift Australia Pty Ltd was formed in 2007, and since its establishment Australia wide Swinglift® has become the preferred container side loader choice for several large transport companies.

Since 2005 Swinglift® have continued to grow and the benefits of an in house design team are apparent with Swinglift® adding container lifting solutions to its stable.

Adding to the original HC4020 Swinglift model the company now offers container handling solutions that include a truck or trailer mounted fixed 20’ model with the stability of the Leg-Over® design; a 3-arm Trilifter for light or empty containers; demountable options; double stacking and the Dual Carriage models with either the original Leg-Over® or Dagger leg option to provide customers with an alternative to competitor offerings.

The Patchell Group continues to make safety in operation the guiding factor of all its designs and the research and development work completed in-house applies across the range of equipment it manufactures.

An example of this is how Patchell’s in-house finite element analysis can result in greater inherent strength, without additional weight, through the use of high-tensile steels during the fabrication process.

Swinglift has formed partnerships around the world to provide ongoing service and support.


September 12


Rob Wynyard, a New Zealand engineer was the first to introduce the concept of container side loaders to Australasia.  The first truck mounted Swinglift® was manufactured for 10’ rail containers. …
September 12


Development of the concept continued and in May 1976 the first road legal 20’ container side loader in Australasia was introduced. Truck mounted for 20’ containers with a lift capacity…
September 12


After a break from side loader design Wynyard’s penchant for innovation led to the release of the SL4020, the first 40’/20’ container side loader in Australasia and legal on New…
September 12


First Swinglift® delivered to an Australian customer – SPD in Adelaide. (This same Swinglift® was sold to a Fijian company in 2016).
September 12


With the introduction of 9’6” High Cube containers it became apparent that all side loaders developed to date would be over height. This brought about the development of the HC4020…
September 12


Swinglift® is purchased by Patchell Industries and manufacturing begins at Patchell’s premises in Rotorua, New Zealand.
September 12


First new Swinglift® container side loaders sold into the UAE with others following in subsequent years.
September 12


Swinglift Australia Pty Ltd is formed with General Manager, Gordon Dyson based in Wollongong, NSW and Tony Ardouin returning from the UK to Brisbane to look after Sales in the…
September 12


Sale of first HC4020 Swinglift® into Durban, South Africa. First Swinglift® side loader produced in 1990 returned from the UAE to New Zealand for refurbishment after 18 years of service,…
September 12


CE Mark attained complying with EU Directives. First Swinglift® delivered to New Caledonia.
September 12


Palfinger Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd becomes distributor for Swinglift®. Following enquiries for a side loader to carry light or empty containers the Swinglift® 3-arm “Trilifter” is re-introduced to the market.
September 12


HC20 Truck mounted Swinglift® redeveloped to utilise the Swinglift® Leg-Over Stabilisers, previously supplies as the SL20M with underslung stabilisers.
September 12


Development of the Minilifter available to be fixed to a truck or as a demountable option.
September 12


Megareach Swinglift® designed and delivered into the UK. First Dual Carriage Highlift Double Stack model developed. First unit delivered to South African customer.
September 12


Introduction to New Zealand and Australian markets of the Dual Carriage Dagger Leg and Leg-Over Swinglift® models.